How to delete page in google docs

Google docs are a widely used doc file over the internet for managing and creating documents for your personal or professional purposes. Many times, we face problems while deleting pages in Google docs. Most basic and easiest way to do this by simply using your Delete Key or Backspace to delete all the content on the page. Sometimes this way does not give you the proper result for deleting blank pages in Google docs or we can say that it’s way more time-consuming. So here we’ll provide you some proper guidance on how to delete pages inside google doc.


Google doc is a smart document making online service provided by Google. Its main feature is to make the document more reliable and more customizable with a bunch of googles provided styling tools that help user’s easily formatting text and paragraphs.

Google docs mainly provide hundreds of fonts compare to any other competitor it’s way higher in the count, apart from that google docs also provide features like add links for certain word or sentence and you can also add images and drawings from it and the best part about google docs is we get all the features and services for FREE. Google docs have a large number of templates for each and every purpose you looking for, it has a wide variety of resumes, report,s and other pre-made documents to make your life easy. All the document templates are well designed and customize to make your work much better and perfect.

It’s the most important feature that you can get your google doc anytime, anywhere as per your need, everything will get stored in the cloud for you and it can get accessible with All your devices like phone, tablet or computer even when there is no connection. Suppose you working on some group project or something than With google docs everyone can work on the same documents at the same time and as an add on feature which you’ll only get in google doc “Never hit save again” feature, So just work and work no need of pressing ctrl+s again as we do in other doc files.

How to delete page in google docs:

There are five methods through which we can delete page in google docs, we have explained all the methods in detail below.

Method #1: Hitting Delete Button

So, we all try to deleting blank pages using backspace but sometimes it won’t help you and lead to the previous page. But However, you can try this using the delete buttons on your keyboard. Just Clicking one Delete button can Help you to get rid of blank or unnecessary pages. Here below steps showing how to do it.

Step 1:

Just Position your cursor at the end of the page which you looking to remove and press “Delete”.

Delete blank page in google docs
Delete Accidental blank page in google docs

Step 2:

If the above step won’t help then try selecting the blank space using a mouse and then hit the Delete button.

Select the blank space and press delete button in keyboard
Deleting blank page in google docs

In most recent cases above steps will work perfectly and easily you can get rid of this problem. Before exploring other options, you should try this at first instance.

Options in google docs format
Delete google docs blank page

Method #2: Try Custom Spacing

In most cases Google docs get instructed to automatically insert an amount of space at the end of the page, then it may lead to adding a new page at the end of the document. To check whether custom spacing is the main culprit, try the following steps.

Step 1:

Navigate to the “Format” option in the header toolbar and then hover over “line spacing”.

Line spacing in google docs
Select line spacing in Format dropdown

Steps 2:

A new menu pops up after clicking “line spacing” named “Custom Spacing”. Now try changing the value after the paragraph to zero.

Custom spacing in google docs
Select the custom spacing

Method #3: Try Adjusting Page Breaks

Page breaks are something that doesn’t happen too often, but sometimes do occur. Mostly, you may don’t remember navigating all the way to “insert” and then adding a page break, but that’s not the only way it happens.

The shortcut for inserting page breaks in windows/ios is Ctrl + Enter. If your little finger (also known as pinky) finger hovers over the Ctrl key, you might end up inserting a page break by accident. Under this situation, you can quickly delete the new page break, but you won’t be able to delete it or use Backspace if it’s in the middle of your text.

Method #4: Try Changing margins

If your margin default settings are too large, Google Docs tries to insert the empty space at the bottom and it ends up having a new blank page. To check if the unwanted page resulting from a large margin, do the below steps:


Go to “File” and select “Page Setup”.

Page Setup in google docs
Page Setup inside File dropdown


A page setup window will popup, that adjust the margins, making them smaller.

Page Setup popup in google docs
Page Setup window

Final words:

google docs is mostly used online doc service which can be used to optimize your resume, letter, or other documents from any device. google docs mainly offers thousands of templates and formatting options to users which sometimes break the organization and format of documents. The unwanted blank page just alters a well-organized document and makes it hard to read. With the proper Google Doc formatting knowledge, I have written the above steps to delete unwanted pages in google docs.

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