HOW TO DELETE ROBLOX ACCOUNT 2020 – 4 Easy methods to delete Roblox account

Roblox doesn’t provide any straightforward methods to delete the Roblox account, but in the Help section where it explains how users can stop playing. Mostly users who started accounts as kids do not be wanting to use their old accounts. Also, people might not want to use the accounts which remain unused and want to create a new account or disable and delete the old account.

Some want to delete their account to stop themselves from spending their time playing games on the platform. The biggest problem is that once you have created an account with a mail id, it is not easy to delete Roblox account and you cannot create a new profile with the same mail id again when a profile already exists.


Roblox is a web platform for games and a game creation system that permits its users to both program games and play games created by other users. This popular platform was founded by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004, the platform contains user-created games of multiple genres coded in the programming language Lua. They advertise themselves as an ‘imagination platform’ that allows users to create and play thousands of 3-D games.

About 150 million players use Roblox every month and an estimated amount of 164 million active accounts as of August 2020. Roblox gained about 35 million monthly active users in just 5 months during the pandemic. Roblox has now introduced a premium pay-out which paid developers on engagement time of premium subscribers in-game. As of June 2020, developers had earned about $2 million from this alone.


The way Roblox works is like any other social networking site. It is available to download as an application on Android as well as iOS. It is also available as 12+ with parental guidance advised. Roblox can be used in mobiles, tablets, PC, Xbox One, and Amazon devices as well.

The platform can be used not just for gaming but also for socializing. The users can imagine, chat, socialize, play, create, and use it just like Instagram or Facebook. You can follow other users and get followed back, play games with others, and collaborate with them to create games.


While signing up, the users are supposed to give a name that is not their real name. you are supposed to give your birth date and your gender. Once created it is saved in their database and the user needs specific methods to delete the account when needed.

You can view the games you created and played, post on the feed, and view other’s feeds also. You can be part of groups and chat and party with anonymous friends. Once you have signed up, you can view a whole range of games, customize your avatars, and make friends.


  • The site claims to filter the information provided on the profiles, limiting or restricting personal information to be posted if the user is below 13. However, this does not always happen.
  • Since the platform is integrated with Facebook and Twitter, children tend to add anonymous people as friends on other sites as well.
  • User’s of all ages and backgrounds use the platform which might not be safe for children.
  • Although the platform assures to check it, some of the games created might have adult contents such as pornographic content, avatars and violence, murder, and zombies which is not at all appropriate for children and still exposed and accessible to them.
  • Cyberbullying is also an issue in this platform which is common due to the anonymity it offers to the users.


A lot of Roblox users do not know how to delete a Roblox account. Most of the users directly check on the platform to get a message that there is no current feature available to delete your account, which gives you a single option to stop playing and never log back in.

This might be unsatisfactory for most because your account still exists, especially when you are deleting the account so that you would not play anymore.

There are a few methods for users to easily delete their accounts.

METHOD 1: Email

How to delete Roblox Account

  1. Login to your Roblox account.
  2. Find the contact us option on the top right side of the screen.
  3. Retrieve the official email for your region.
  4. Write a sufficient explanation why you want to delete your account to the customer care and request to delete your account.
  5. Add your details like your name, email, phone number, and details to verify your id.
  6. Send it to the official email address.

METHOD 2: Phone

How to delete Roblox Account via Call

  1. Call 888-858-BLOX
  2. Give all your details and your id for verification. You can also provide a government id if asked.
  3. Your account will be deleted in a few days.

This process is a little time consuming because of the verification process.

METHOD 3: Do Nothing

How to delete Roblox Account by doing nothing

Leave your account idle for a year. Accounts that are not used for a year are automatically deleted when Roblox conducts a system sweep.


How to delete Roblox Account by filing GDRP

This is a method only applicable if you are from a country that is part of the European Union. If you are worried about your personal details being held by the app, this is an alternative method.

You can request a GDPR filing and retrieve all personal data that Roblox has about you. Any specific data can be requested to be deleted. This is a lengthy process and recommended only if you are highly concerned with any of your personal data.


TO CONCLUDE, we hope we have cleared your doubts regarding the sign-up, activities, and the deletion of a Roblox Account. We hope the methods mentioned above work for you.


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