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The Steam disk writes error occurs sometimes when you try to downloading or updating any game like GTA V, Fallout 4, Player Unknown’s Battleground which you bought from the Steam platform.

This message (An error occurred while installing/updating [game name] (disk write error) usually appears when you try to download a new game in steam or you trying to update the game which you previously installed.

It can also appear in the case when you attempt to open a game that needs to get an update. Below is some instruction which you follow to get rid of disk write error steam, and these methods are useful for all the operating systems you using for example windowsmacOS, and Linux.


Steam is a social gaming website where you can buy, play, and discuss games, Steam is also known as gamers paradise. In Steam, gamers can not only play the games but also can join with friends and chat with them. As feature steam is a platform where we can learn about games, play demos, and do much more stuff like, steam parental control called Steam Family view which limits what kids can download.

How to fix Steam disk write error?

To Fix Steam Disk Write Error follow the below points:

1. Run as Administrator

Go to the file location of the stem (C:/program files[86]/Steam). find the stean.exe and right-click then click on properties. Choose the Compatibility in Head and make sure, “run this program as an administrator”, is ticked. Click Apply and run steam again. Check whether the Steam Disk write error has been resolved.

Steam Run as Administrator
Run as Administrator

2. Restart the Steam

The easiest way of getting rid of these temporary issues is to close the Steam client and reopen it. After performing this you can again download/update the game.

Restart the Steam
Restart the Steam

3. Restart the Computer/Laptop

If the restarting game doesn’t solve the issue, rebooting the Computer can fix it by closing all ingoing processes that might be interfering in the Steam.

Restart the PC
Restart the PC

4. Clear or Delete the Steam downloaded Cache.

Sometimes steam downloaded cache gets corrupted, this can cause a disk write errors. To fix this issue, open the steam and navigate to Steam -> Settings -> Downloads -> Clear download Cache.

Clear Cache in Steam
Clear/Delete Cache

5. Delete the 0kB Files of Steam

Go to the file location Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common and simply delete a file titled “Game Name” Which for which you getting Steam Dick to write an error that is 0KB in size. When you’ll re-launch the game, your game will be loaded perfectly. This solution can also work while updating similar games.

Delete 0KB Files in Steam
Delete 0KB Files in Steam folder

6. Remove write protection of Disk

Whenever the disk is write-protected, you can’t modify the formatting and writing. This is another possible reason for the Steam disk write error. Kindly make sure that the directory of steam is not only read-only. Right-click on the Steam icon and click on run as administrator.

Command Prompt
Search Command prompt

If the disk is only written protected, you can simply clear the write protection and remove the error.
follow the below steps in windows.


Click on the windows icon and search for Command Prompt.


Right-click on the command prompt and click on run as administrator.


Write the command “diskpart” and hit Enter.


Write the command “list disk” and hit Enter.


Now select disk 1 from the list, write the command as “select disk (number,0,1,2)” for which you getting the error.


You’ll get a message as “Disk (0,1,2) is now the selected disk


Write command “attributes disk clear readonly” and Hit Enter.

After performing the above steps you’ll get the message as ‘Disk attributes cleared successfully.’ Now you can close the command prompt and repeat the download/update the game with the same process and check if the Steam disk writes error in windows 10 disappeared.

7. Delete the corrupted Files in Log

Go to the Steam/logs/content_log and open it. Scroll to the bottom of the log file, and look for a “Failed to write” error in the file, and delete the corrupter file. Now go to Steam and repeat the downloading/updating.

corrupted File in Steam
Delete corrupted File in Steam


Steam is a widely used gaming platform, because of this, gaming users face many problems while installing/updating games on daily basis. Steam disk Write Error Steam is one of the most common issues in this. Above I have written some steps which can help you whenever you face an issue like that in your Steam application.

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