How to delete blizzard account – Easy way to delete Blizzard account permanently

Blizzard is a Game Entertainment company which is creating and publishing games for the past few decades. Some most popular and Entertaining games like Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo series are published by Blizzard Entertainment only.

Blizzard Entertainment’s system link all of your games in a single account. It’s a free service like users can create their free account on blizzard. The most important thing in a Blizzard account is that when you make a purchase of any game of CD key it all gets to save in your blizzard account.

It all started after Blizzard’s decision to ban Hearthstone pro Chung “Blitzchung” Ng Wai has been criticized by the fans. Fans of HearthstoneOverwatch, and WoW are heavily disappointed by this decision of Blizzard. As they are expressing their disappointment on social media and also encouraging other blizzard users also to Boycott Blizzard. As a Boycott, some fans are directly deleting their Blizzard Accounts.

Blitzchung was suspended from Hearthstone competitions after supporting the Hong Kong protesters in his past game interview.

Since then, fans have started deleting their own protest against Blizzard, they have started an initiative and leading others also to “Delete their Blizzard account”


Blizzard Entertainment, Inc is an American video game developer and publisher and is based in Irvine, California. Blizzard was founded on 8th February 1991 under the name of Silicon & Synapse, Inc. by three graduates Michael Morhaime, Frank Pearce, and Allen Adham. The initial logo of Blizzard was created by Stu Rose. In the start stage, it was a separate entity but later on then Vivendi Games bought it in 1999.

After owned by Vivendi games Blizzard earned massive popularity in the world of the role-playing game of Warcraft, which was released officially in 2004 and In the current stage also it is the world’s most-subscribed MMORPG today.

How to delete Blizzard Account?

Delete Blizzard Account
Delete Blizzard Account

Below are the Steps using that you can delete your blizzard account.

Method 1:

Compose email to delete Blizzard account
Compose an email to Blizzard

Firstly you need to compose an email from the same email address account you used while creating your Blizzard account on You need to explain in the mail that you’d like to permanently delete your account. In the Subject of the mail write as “Delete account” and then send the email to [email protected].

Method 2:

Contact to Support Blizzard
Support Blizzard

You can File a ticket through Blizzard online support.


Select the dropdown as “I have an issue with my account”.


Select as “I want to change something in my account”.


Explain that you would like to delete your account including your email address in the message.


Click “Submit”.

Method 3:

Support Call Blizzard
Support Call Blizzard

You’ll find the Blizzard account service department number in their contact us option. Using that also you can call and make a request by your phone that you would like to delete your Blizzard account.

Final Words:

Blizzard Entertainment is the most popular gaming platform for all the worldwide user’s but after they have commented on the support of Hong Kong protesters all the fans started hating them and initially all started deleting their Blizzard account to protest Blizzard Entertainment. Here in the above Methods, I have explained to you all that how you can permanently delete your Blizzard account. If you feel it useful kindly do comment and let us know.

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